Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY? Or Call TDC? ... Replacing The Lockset On Your Commercial Doors

[In this edition of our "DIY Or Call TDC?" we'll show you how to replace a lockset on your commercial doors.]

It is easy to dismantle a standard door lockset that needs replacing because it’s worn, damaged, or you simply wish to replace it. To replace your existing lockset with a newer model or one with a more secure lock, follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Remove the Trim or Rosettes

Remove the trim or Rosettes on your door. The Rosettes are the metal rings you will find behind each doorknob on both sides of the door. To remove these rings, unscrew the two screws located on each side of the door that holds the rings in place.

If your doorknob is a newer model, it may not have any screws.  In this case you will need to use a flat tool to pry under the ring to lift the ring off. Slide your tool very carefully under the ring so that you do not cause any damage to the door.

Step 2 – Remove the Long Screws Holding the Lockset in Place

When the rings or Rosettes have been removed, you will note that there are two long screws imbedded in the edge of the door and holding the lockset in place. Use your screwdriver and remove these two long screws completely from the door.

Step 3 – Remove the Knob/Handle from the Spindle Rod

Most are attached to a spindle rod. Therefore, once the two long screws have been unscrewed, you will be able to easily remove the lockset handle from the spindle rod.

Step 4 – Removing a "Spring Loaded" lockset

If your particular lockset is a 'spring loaded' style, you will instead need to remove the knob/handle by pushing in the small metal indentation found at the very base. By pushing in the indentation, you will be able to free it and pull it easily off the spindle.

Step 5 – Remove the Two Screws and Bolt

Once the /knob/handle have been removed, you will notice two screws and a bolt.  These two screws and the bolt hold the door mechanism securely. You can now remove the two screws and the bolt with your screwdriver.

Step 6 – Leave the Strike Plate

Normally you would not need to do anything with the strike plate, the metal plate attached to the door frame that catches the bolt or lock when it’s released on the door.  If the strike plate happens to be damaged or worn and you wish to replace it, you can do so merely by removing the screws and lifting the plate off.

Step 7 – Replacement

Simply either reverse the above order to install a new lockset, or, most new locksets come with a complete set of instructions on how to do it. If you run into any problems, call your local expert, such as The Door Company of Ohio for assistance.  Most of the time, minor issues can be fixed right over the phone.

In addition to solid advice, we also have a walk-in parts counter if you need parts for this project. Call us at (614) 338-1414.

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