Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Strides in Bullet-Resistant Entryways For Building Safety

Courtesy: Ceco Door
There is never a bad time to think about security in our schools. Hundreds of people send their children to school every day for nine months out of the year, and they put their trust in a school’s ability to keep their kids safe.

There is a wide variety of different products out there that have bullet-resistant capabilities, which have an invaluable role to both school and building security in general. Among the most important products to look into are bullet-resistant doors, as these are potentially the primary access points for an intruder.

This is why we are proud to offer the ArmorShield Door and Frame System, which has a number of different bullet-resistant doors on the market. The Ceco Door ArmorShield System has 4 different levels of bullet-resistant protection. These are cost-efficient solutions to security for schools or other buildings who need added security. Each of these doors is available in standard door sizes and constructed with 12-gauge steel with stiffened, honeycomb or polystyrene cores. These frames have welded corners and the first three levels can withstand most bullets fired at them. Level four doors can resist high powered hunting and assault rifle bullets that are fired at them.

Courtesy: Ceco Door
Security slide units provide another security option in schools or buildings. These units consist of panels that fit over windows, and they can be opened and closed as easily as a door. If there are windows around a bullet-resistant door, these security slide units can be installed for added security, even if the windows are made from bullet-resistant glass. The panels can be swung closed and locked if someone is trying to get into the room and will be resistant to most bullets that could be fired at it from a handgun or hunting rifle. The slide system also provides a visual barrier, keeping a potential intruder from being able to see into the room.

These are just a few of the systems available for commercial buildings that require additional security. While relatively inexpensive, the reliability and peace of mind are priceless.

For more information on these and other offerings from ArmorShield Door and Frame System, give us a call at The Door Company, at (614) 338-1414.

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