Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Should You Invest in Automatic Doors for Your Business?

If your business is considering a new build or perhaps even an extensive building renovation, this may be the perfect time to consider investing in installing automatic doors. Another consideration is the ability to improve the management of energy efficiency in your organization. There are many substantial benefits that lessen heating and cooling costs from both a pedestrian and industrial standpoint.

Advantages with Pedestrian Applications

Automatic doors provide numerous aesthetic and cost-effective benefits when used in pedestrian applications. The advantages start with the following:
  • A measurable increase in convenience, consumer safety, and the prevention of injuries through the reduction of traffic congestion. To cite just two examples, traffic issues are common in situations involving grocery carts, and when people are dealing with young children and baby strollers.
    Photo courtesy: Horton Automatics
  • “Hands-free” automatic doors are a tremendous help to the elderly, aging Baby Boomers, and the disabled.
  • Industry research shows that automatic doors contribute to increased sales in retail environments through the creation of an enhanced and sophisticated upscale image. The doors also provide advantages when space is limited, especially in compact areas.
  • During new construction or remodeling, there's a major advantage to providing barrier-free access through the use of automatic doors. It's easier and more cost-effective to install the doors at this point rather than attempting to comply with the government-mandated architectural requirements specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Advantages with Industrial Applications
  • Enhanced corporate brand image. You've heard the saying “Perception is Reality,” which is very true with consumers. It's interesting to note that studies show consumers perceive companies with automatic doors as organizations with a commitment to a higher level of customer service than firms without automatic doors.
    Photo courtesy: Horton Automatics
  • A reduction of traffic and congestion along with increased safety for both employees and/or visitors, by eliminating the need to lift heavy overhead doors.
  • “Time and motion” studies demonstrate cost and time savings along with an increase in worker productivity due to eliminating the need for employees to manually open and close overhead doors.
  • Increased safety and comfort by minimizing wide-open doors for trucks and other vehicles to enter and exit the premises. With an automatic door the doors remain closed except when someone needs to enter or exit the building.
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Automatic Doors Provide Convenience and Access for Medical Centers

Medical treatment begins and ends with entrance-exit design. From patient and guest entrances to surgical suites that require hermetic integrity, automatic doors provide many benefits for health care facilities and their clients. The most common benefits include convenience, safety, lower energy and operating costs, and efficiency.


Photo Courtesy: Horton Automatics
Delivering emergent care relies on shaving seconds off transport times. Struggling to open and close doors while navigating narrow hallways and openings with oversized gurneys and wheelchairs is inefficient and creates potential for patient discomfort, or worse. Touch-free access to treatment areas is instrumental for all medical care providers working with non-ambulatory individuals.

Architectural Elements

Sliders and telescopic automatic doors maximize available space and control traffic in compact passageways.

In addition to space-saving features, automatic doors work with every architectural genre. Curved glass styles accommodate extra wide, extra tall openings; tinted and frosted glass provide privacy while reducing energy costs and framed models are suited to high-traffic environments, including retrofit buildings and new construction.

Hygiene Considerations

For cleanrooms and other health care areas that require heightened sanitation measures, hermetic sliding doors provide hands-free entrance and exit. Available styles include pocket-installation and framed doorway models to fit building design -- reducing installation expenses and limiting disruption time during construction.

Hospitals have access to bi-fold and single-panel designs with manual and computer controls for precise management. Perimeter seal mechanisms ensure a tight, secure closure to protect the environment from unnecessary contamination in surgical suites, laboratories and testing facilities.
Photo Courtesy: Horton Automatics

Decorating with Doors

The primary function of automatic doors is to provide security and comfort while controlling access; however, a side benefit includes positive visual impact. Incorporating soothing colors on solid panels, semitransparent glass for added privacy and curves to create an elegant impression are only a few of the design options for medical care facilities.

Cost effective designs allow medical care facilities and ancillary service providers to control entrance and egress to individual rooms, hazard containment areas and reception rooms. Maintaining higher levels of security and efficiency with automatic door systems also improves patient comfort and satisfaction.

For more information on Automatic Doors, installation, repair or even inspection of your existing doors, contact The Door Company at (614) 338-1414.

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PRESS ROOM: The Door Company Announces Statewide Distribution Deal with Boon Edam

The Door Company of Ohio is pleased to announce a partnership with global industry leader Boon Edam, to become the manufacturer’s authorized factory distribution, sales and service center for the state of Ohio.

The deal makes The Door Company a statewide solution for sales, installation and service for Boon Edam’s line of manual and automated door systems and security access technologies. The move expands The Door Company’s reach beyond the Central Ohio market, offering round-the-clock, front-to-back service year round for manual and automatic entrance solutions.
Since developing its first revolving door over 100 years ago, Boon Edam has become the worldwide market leader in revolving door production. However, Boon Edam also offers an unmatched variety of turnstile entrances, including automatic optical turnstiles, high security doors and portals and other sophisticated security entrance solutions. Boon Edam has factories in the U.S., China and The Netherlands; subsidiaries in 17 countries and authorized distributors in 60 other countries.

Founded in 1993 in Columbus, Ohio, The Door Company offers sales, installation, service and code inspection of all commercial door options, including automatic, revolving, overhead and other commercial doors. In addition, the company provides custom hollow metal door fabrication on site, an online parts catalog and a walk-in parts counter, and is a Designated Labeled Shop for the production and labeling of commercial fire doors.

For more information, contact The Door Company at (614) 338-1414, or visit www.tdoorco.com.

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