Friday, June 7, 2013

Preventative Maintenance Contracts: Why You Should Have Them for Your Automatic Doors

Problems can arise for anyone in the process of doing business. Something doesn’t work properly, you make a phone call or two, someone comes out – assesses the problem, makes a call or two for parts, and fixes the problem.
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Now suppose that happens a couple hours before closing time. You’re thinking ahead to dinner or the evening’s plans, and the automatic door won’t close. Or it’s frozen partially open, and your customers have problems getting in… or out.

Even well-maintained automatic doors could have a problem at such an inopportune time. In most other cases, however, a maintenance contract could be the proverbial “ounce of prevention” that keeps your business running smoothly.

The Importance of Having a Maintenance Contract

This kind of contract gives you the peace of mind knowing that when the door malfunctions there is someone who can come and solve the problem. Here are a few other benefits of having a contract:

  • You get a technician who is familiar with your door, and the specifics of its operation.
  • You have a contract to service your door on a predetermined schedule. This can lessen emergency break-downs and help avoid more severe (and costly) repairs.
  • Get phone support from your AAADM Certified inspector.
  • These contracts include preventative maintenance on the doors to solve problems before they come up.
  • The contract also is important because you receive 24/7 response, meaning the service professional will be in contact with you right away.
The Importance of Your Plan

Maintenance plans are customized to your needs. Your door system will be inspected for Code Compliance following every service call.

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The Importance of Self-Checking the Doors

Checking the automatic doors for safety issues daily will keep your doors operating for a long time. Here are some benefits of performing routine checks:
  • Keep repair costs down by identifying problems early.
  • Your customers will be safe, as they use the doors on a daily basis.
  • You will also learn how your door operates as you perform the daily checks.
  • You will also be able to extend the life of your door by keeping it running properly.
For more about automatic door maintenance, or how you can connect with an AAADM Certified door inspector, call The Door Company at (614) 338-1414.

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