Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Optical Turnstiles - Modern Form AND Essential Function

Photo Courtesy: Boon Edam
When security management involves restricted access and controlling foot-traffic, optical turnstiles are an ideal solution. They deliver essential security tools, with an aesthetically-pleasing, “high tech” look. Options are available for every size business; customizable to respond to multiple traffic volumes and changing entrance and egress patterns.

Optical turnstiles are available in a full spectrum of cabinet styles and construction materials to complement your existing architecture and d├ęcor. Designs include styles from ultra-sleek, contemporary units with pivoting glass swing gates to cabinets with retractable barriers and exterior marble features.

Security and Design Features
Optical turnstiles work well in a variety of business settings including research and medical facilities, government offices, corporate settings, fitness centers and academic institutions.
  • Compact, discreet units provide enhanced security without compromising an open-lobby atmosphere for employees and visitors.
  • Programmable automated systems work with biometric or electronic identification.
  • Advanced design features reduce tailgating with technology that recognizes gaps as small as ¼ inch between individuals.
  • Sensitive detection elements differentiate entrants from bystanders and luggage.
  • Installation designs and dedicated units accommodate wheelchairs, assistive devices and carts.
  • Low maintenance; extended service life
  • Barrier-free and barrier models.
Controlling foot traffic is a concern for many businesses. Bi-directional swing gates allow you the option of changing the flow pattern to accommodate entrance or exit, one direction at a time. This feature expedites movement during shift change or to respond to building opening and closing times. In addition, this design element allows installation for designated entrance and exit lanes for more efficient traffic flow management.

Depending on your pedestrian traffic volume, you may choose from units that have the capacity to process a single individual or up to sixty people per minute with accuracy and comfort.

For situations that require additional security, supplementary sensors may be installed in railings and frames. In addition, multi-level and multi-directional detection beams prevent entrants from going under or over the device unnoticed.

Function and form combine with LED lighting on glass panels and/or frames that signifies access is approved.

Many exterior styles, colors and materials are available. You can choose from models that allow open access unless an unauthorized identification is presented or control access with sliding doors, swing gates, split panels and retractable bars.

Whether you are looking for a waist-height cabinet or a 72-inch, full-height system with sliding doors, optical turnstiles offer excellent solutions for your security concerns. Sleek contemporary designs combine with precision technology to deliver options for your security team. It’s the ultimate combination of form and function, which can provide a solid, secure solution for your business.

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