Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Automatic Doors Can Save You Money on Energy Costs

Everyone likes to save money – both customers and businesses alike. Chances are, you have spent time researching various ways to save your business money in an effort to increase your overall profit. One place to look is your energy expenses, and then explore options to reduce the amount of energy used.

Energy for heating and cooling is lost every time a customer walks in through your front door to your business. Reduce the amount of lost energy by installing automatic doors. Automatic doors can have a variety of features to help save you money.
  • Brushes that create a tighter seal when the door is closed

  • Air curtains

  • Building a vestibule around the automatic door

  • Insulated glass and frames with thermo profiles
Other Benefits

Of course, energy efficiency is just one of the benefits of automatic doors. Automatic doors make it easier for customers to access your business and improve the flow of pedestrian traffic in and out of your business. They keep you within ADA compliance guidelines and are more cost effective than other methods. All-in-all, automatic doors offer convenience to all of your customers.

The installation of automatic doors at your place of business will help save you money and reduce the amount of energy loss. Automatic doors can help shield the inside of your business from the elements and reduces the chance of customers accidentally leaving your door open or not completely shutting it.

If you would like to find out more about automatic doors, or discuss some entrance options for your business, we are Central Ohio’s sales, service and distribution point for Horton Automatics, one of America’s leading manufacturers of automatic swing and sliding doors.

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